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George D.F. (Buz) Wilson

Martin and Davis (2001) provided a revised list of names that is mostly followed here. Although superfamiles are current in the classification of the Asellota, they are also not well defined and some taxa, like Vermectias, do not fit comfortably into this scheme. Recently, Serov and Wilson (1999) merged the Pseudojaniroidea into the Stenetrioidea. We provide the superfamilies in the list, although we expect that the names or their compositions will change in the near future. Concomitantly, recent research on deep-sea Asellota suggests that a re-alignment of some recognised family-level clades is also needed.

The latest version of the ICZN (1999) relaxed the convention for determining suffixes in family-level names, so that the use of the correct Latin genitive is not mandatory. Therefore, the original spelling of family names can be retained if in common use. Recently some authors, including Martin & Davis 2001, however, corrected many names based on advice given prior to the 1999 code. In general, the original spelling of the name should be retained wherever possible. As a result, many families use their original spelling, which often elided repeated "id" in the suffix. Some names and authorities as found in this database and those used in in Poore et al. (2002) or Martin and Davis (2001) will differ. Kussakin (2003) also added two subfamilies to the Munnopsidae. Recent family-level nomenclatural changes to the Nannoniscidae by George (2001) are rejected.

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